Sponsor Direct Introduces PropertyPort, A Web-Based Sponsorship Asset Inventory and Proposal Management System

July 6, 2009, Tarrytown, New York - Sponsor Direct has announced the release of PropertyPort, a web-based asset inventory and proposal management solution designed to help properties track and manage their sponsorship assets.

With PropertyPort, Sponsor Direct builds upon its years of experience in helping the world's leading brands make better connections through technology.

Keeping track of sponsorship assets (such as signage, ticket-backs, media placements, hospitality tents, etc.) is hard work. Most properties spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours per year, manually tracking their assets and generating proposals for potential sponsors. PropertyPort helps automate that process by allowing properties to easily search their inventory, identify available assets and dynamically generate customized, high quality sponsorship proposals in only a fraction of the time.

Brad Barton, COO of Sponsor Direct, said, "We've had PropertyPort in development for some time and we are ecstatic about its release. Properties have been asking us to build a solution like this for years, and after hearing their frustrations and learning more about their business needs, we were able to build a product that not only solves their problems, but does so in a way that saves them significant time and money. Tasks that used to take days can now be completed in minutes." Barton added that one NFL St. Louis Rams user said, "This is the best day of my life."

About Sponsor Direct

Sponsor Direct is a software solutions provider committed to helping businesses make better connections with their constituents through web-based process management solutions. Sponsor Direct's flagship product, SponsorPort supports nearly 45 clients across all sectors of the Fortune 200. PropertyPort supported 9 beta clients during the final stages of development.