Conxeo Financial Valuation Services

You've just been approached for a sponsorship or you've had one for some time, and you need to know the value of the assets in question. For over ten years, Conxeo has helped clients like MasterCard, Miller Coors, Bank of America, Nokia, agencies of all sizes, and many others to do just that. Our financial valuations services allow for the rare, truly independent assessment of asset values in sponsorship proposals and agreements.

Conxeo Financial Valuation Services has valued a wide range of property agreements: major and minor league sports, international events, fairs and festivals, travelling shows and exhibits, performance and competition venues, public places and other place-based properties.

The process is simple, and we work with you every step of the way.

Together, we assess your needs and determine the scope of proposals and agreements to be analyzed. Shortly after, you receive an estimate of the total cost of the project. Over time, the analysis process has been tailored to work with all types of budgets. There are no projects too big or too small to handle.

After the cost is approved, you'll need to put together a digital format of the proposals and agreements to be analyzed. If you need help, we can show you samples of what needs to be compiled. This process is relatively simple and short.

Once the data has been compiled, it is reviewed and then a kick-off call is set up for a more in-depth discussion. After the kick-off call, the data is subjected to a vigorous proprietary analysis. This is when the valuations process begins.

Following the initial analysis, a first draft review is set up. This is where you can look at the work so far and let us know if you're getting what you expect. This is also where you help us fill in any missing details. This discussion helps focus and fine-tune the valuations.

Once the valuations are completed, you will receive them along with a closing phone call to make sure you are satisfied.

If you are interested in our Financial Valuation Services, call Conxeo's CEO, Brad Barton, at 914-729-7232 or e-mail him at .

We look forward to working with you!